Do you need a climate controlled storage unit?

Are you unsure if renting a climate-controlled storage unit from Hwy 67 Mini & RV Storage is necessary? Have a questino about climate-controlled storage feel free to contact one of our facility managers.

What Are Climate Controlled Storage Units?

Your storage unit is kept within a specific temperature range by climate control. This can lessen the chance that delicate objects will sustain harm from abrupt temperature swings. Climate-controlled storage facilities at Hwy 67 Mini & RV Storage are normally maintained at a steady temperature. No matter where you live, Hwy 67 Mini & RV Storage provides several forms of climate control to help protect your belongings.

Why would you need Climate Controlled Storage?

Climate control lessens the possibility that things sensitive to temperature will be harmed while being stored by keeping a constant controlled environment. This feature is helpful for people who need to store fragile goods like collectibles or other valuables or for people who live in an area where weather fluctuations frequently occur.

How much heat is normal for storage units?

In hot areas, storage units without climate control can get up to 30 degrees hotter than the surrounding air. Especially drive-up units, which lack the insulation. Extreme heat can readily destroy stored materials in an unregulated storage environment.

Is a cold storage unit a cause for concern?

A cold self storage unit could be a problem if you live somewhere where it gets below 32 degrees fahrenheit. Furniture, electronics, musical instruments, and other pricey, temperature-sensitive objects can break, crack, warp, or stop working correctly in cold weather.

Can my stored belongings be harmed by humidity?

Items made of materials such as metal, paper, fabric, and more can sustain harm from humidity if stored in an unregulated storage unit. During long periods of storage your possessions may sustain irreversible damage from the growth of mold and mildew brought on by excessive humidity.

Which Goods Require Storage With Climate Control?

While most things can benefit from climate control, fragile goods like porcelain, artwork, and antiques require a temperature-controlled storage unit since they are more susceptible to sudden fluctuations in temperature. The need for climate control also deponed if you require long-term or short-term storage and where you live,

Are vital records in need of storage under climate control?

A climate-controlled storage facility is the best place to rent a unit if you plan to store paper documents and pictures. Paper can eventually fade or distort and is vulnerable to the elements. You can avoid the inconvenience of having to replace crucial documents by using climate control.

Is climate control storage appropriate for clothing?

You should rent climate-controlled storage if you want to store clothes correctly. Clothes textiles are susceptible to deterioration, mold and mildew growth, stretching, and fading when stored in uncontrolled environments. To help keep your clothing functional for years to come, store them in airtight bags or plastic tubs.

Is climate control storage required for furniture storage?

It is advised that you rent storage with climate control when storing furniture. Seasonal changes can cause damage to unprotected hardwood and upholstered furniture, leather sofas and chairs, and even metal and plastic furniture.

Do TVs and other electronics need climate control?

Climate management is necessary for TVs and other gadgets since high heat or cold can seriously harm electrical components. environment-controlled storage facilities have various advantages that might help you store devices safely, even if you live in a mild environment.

Which appliances must be kept in climate-controlled storage facilities?

Climate control is beneficial for both large and small equipment. When appliances are left in excessive heat or cold for an extended period of time, their electrical components may malfunction. Additionally, appliances that have water hookups, such as washing machines and dishwashers, may break in freezing temperatures or grow mold in humid settings. Additionally, you should protect the surfaces of your devices from scratches and dust buildup by covering them with a covering or piece of plastic.

Does commercial climate-controlled storage exist?

Yes, Hwy 67 Mini & RV Storage offers climate-controlled business storage. Businesses that require secure storage for papers, inventory, supplies, or equipment should consider renting a storage unit in a climate-controlled storage facility to protect temperature sensitive items.

Should You Invest in a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit?

It is worthwhile to rent a climate-controlled unit even though it is typically more expensive than a normal unit because it will help safeguard your fragile belongings. When storing priceless possessions, climate control reduces the possibility that they will sustain irreversible harm from sudden temperature swings. This can save you money and provide you peace of mind.

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